Luke 2:22-40

Luke set out to write an orderly account of the life of Jesus and the beginnings of the church.  In today’s reading, Joseph and Mary bring Jesus to the temple after 40 days from his birth for the right of purification for Mary, and to present him to the Lord as the firstborn son to be consecrated to the Lord.

At the Temple, we meet watcher number one.  His name is Simeon. The Bible says he was a devout and righteous man and the Holy Spirit said he would not die before he saw the Messiah.  If you are Jewish, devout, and righteous is as good as it gets for a witness.  Simeon goes to the baby Jesus and identifies Him as the Messiah.

The other watcher was a prophetess named Anna.  She also was at the Temple day and night praying and fasting looking for the Messiah.  She too identified Jesus as the Messiah and told everyone she could about His arrival.

Join us as together we discover what this has to do with us today and how we can strengthen our faith that Jesus truly is the promised Messiah.