Trustee Report

Hello all,

As always, we have lots going on behind the scenes.

First off, our Solar Project is up and running. We’re now using solar power at Our Redeemer!! We still have to get our WIFI connected to the solar junction so we can use net-metering, but the panels are now in use.

We have improved the look of the entrance to our lower parking lot. The weeds patches on either side of the driveway have been removed and replaced with a nice rock bed. Much improved. However, there all always weeds that want to be pulled out.

We are looking at replacing the chairs in the Fellowship Hall.  As always there are many opinions about just which ones to get. Please look at the 3 samples and let me know what you think. We might also use folding chairs. Just depends on portability, storage cost and of course comfort. They can cost a lot, with average prices of the 4 samples at $100, including tax. 50 chairs is then $5,000.  I do want to promote fundraising to cover a lot of the cost. We will be having a yard sale, and hopefully a bake sale or two. Other ideas and participants are greatly needed and appreciated.

Some of you might have seen a large white pickup in the lower parking lot, behind our fence. We are renting a space for a landscaper to store his truck and trailer.  He has a sign up and if anyone needs any roofing, cement work, demolition, or landscaping please give him a call: Jesse Hernandez, 858-287-9756.

As always if you see something that needs attention, please let Mike or myself know.

Thanks, Dan Herman

Trustee 619-415-7472