Trustee Report

Hello Congregation, Here we are at the last Good Word for 2022. What a ride the last couple of years have been, right?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the decorating work party. It is always a great way to kick off the Christmas season, making our sanctuary look amazing.  I know someone who last Christmas was her first at Our Redeemer, and was amazed by the transformation from one Sunday to the next.

What a great Fall Festival we had as well. Thanks to everyone who came to it and all who participated in making it a huge success.

One of the last things for this year is to wrap up work on the upper parking lot. Still trying to get all the cracks sealed and then a final coat of blacktop. We're trying to do this at the times with the least amount of people on site. Please bear with us if the parking lot is closed for a day or two while keep working on it.

We will have the "undecorating " work party, to put away all of the Christmas decorations on Saturday January the 13th. We do this to keep them up for Epiphany, which is Jan 6th, but celebrated on the first Sunday after, which will be the 8th.  

Thanks for all of your help and support during the year. Here is to a great Christmas Season.  

Dan Herman, Trustee