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I had the pleasure of traveling up to Arizona last month for the Better Practices Conference. It was great!! First of all, you need a nice friend who has a Tesla (like Mrs. Marilyn) because it makes the road trip easy and fun; like floating on electric air. The conference was in full swing and was so fun! We went to a session about caring for Pastors and their family as well as other church workers. It wanted to make sure that Pastors take care of themselves by taking their vacations and allotted time off. It really was eye opening as it showed us that Pastors and their families do so much work for their congregation. And making sure their cup gets filled as they fill everyone's cups.

The next presentation was a very funny sermon from a Pastor from California who told us that we are divinely blessed and favored as Children of God. There was so much good food it was ridiculous as they passed out fresh churros to people after a Chick-fil-A lunch. Finally, a sending-off church service where three Pastors gave good and different sermons. One was dear as a young Pastor told us all about a woman who he grew up with passed the day before and he remembered her giving him a pancake breakfast dinner for his 12th birthday. He knew she was in heaven having that same Birthday Pancake dinner. It was very sweet and sincere. It was a great conference and I highlyrecommend it. Everyone we met was nice and it was informative. This was a great experience. I’m super fortunate to have been able to attend.

Jade Clark
Elder of  Children & Youth