Council President Report
Blessings and taking the High Road 

This has been such an amazing year as your President. I have learned so much and been a part of so many different awesome events here at Our Redeemer. First, I would like to thank everyone who came to our Fall Festival. It was so fun. I have to say thanks to everyone who gave of their time and skills. Thank you so much. Elizabeth, who made the delicious soup in the kitchen which she spent 10 hours total on Friday; Mrs. Doris, who so sweetly served; Dan "the Man" Herman who helped to set up and take down; Pauline our fearless leader who organized; all the quilters including Gretchen whom my friend bought a beautiful quilt from; Marilyn who helped run the Kids Corner; Bev, Dave, Mark, Quint, Jane, Providence, Pam and Roger, who ran sound and organized all the music; Marantha Church, Dawa from Oromo Church, Freddie Walton, Brooklyn Clark, my beautiful brave daughter and Deborah, who performed. The always awesome Susan Davis, it was such a cool vibe; Diane Parent, who made me laugh at our movie ending hug!! The beautiful babies that came...Jaxon and other little cuties. Everyone I’m sure I’m sister Jessica who organized and ran the delicious food out to people, all the Youth, the very dapper looking  Pastor Dave. It was wonderful having a community event that showed our love for our church. Thank you, it was awesome.

Getting to go to Texas was such an amazing experience and sharing that with my kids Blessing and Brooklyn, my sister and nephew Rowan was unforgettable. Going to the gigantic stadium with the Herman’s and Marcello and hundreds of teens was amazing. Swimming in a thunderstorm in Texas is a memory I will always hold dear. All the fundraisers that we organized and had the support of the church members was truly so wonderful. Thank you so much; I had such a great time and I’m really thankful for all of these experiences. 

What a beautiful holiday season we are about to be in. As we get ready for the Christmas season I look back at this year and I am so pleased and humbled by all of the outpouring of support and love. 

I love the Christmas season and I think what would I have done if I knew about Jesus being born as a baby? My "Mama Bear" instincts kick in and I know all I would want to do is protect him. This small baby laying in a manager. And help his Mom and Dad (Joseph and Mary). Would I be able to? Could I help? I would try. My parents always taught me to stand up for the "Underdog". Shoot I feel like my religion taught me that. Jesus came not as a Warrior who would attack and kill the Romans but as a man, a humble servant, a teacher, a sacrifice. I think of all of the "Bullies " he met along the way. The ones that meant to belittle him, judge him, make him feel less. How he had to take the "high road" always. When with a snap of his fingers he could turn them into salt, dust, nothingness.  Instead, he chose to have mercy give them forgiveness and understanding. This is where He, this small baby from Bethlehem, became truly our Savior. I learned that to truly have faith is to forgive. Not with just words but with actions. To have pity on those "Bullies" because deep down they are truly powerless. That they will know we are Christians by our love. Because as you can see it is so very easy to be angry, mad or upset. But that little baby Jesus does not want that for us. He wants peace and love for us. Maybe that is the very reason he came as a baby first. Because it is nearly impossible to feel anything but peace and love when you hold a baby.   

May Christmas bring you joy and peace and love never-ending. And may the New Year bring Forgiveness, Beauty, Kindness and Happiness.

Love always Your Humble servant in the Lord, Jade Clark