Happy New Year everyone! Are we ready for 2022? I feel like I am and I am not! Every year since 2020 has been historically a strange and unique one. Am I ready for more changes? But what if a caterpillar didn’t go into a cocoon; we would not have the beauty of a butterfly. Change is hard we want things to be like when.... you fill in the blank. Change is scary ...I think about Jesus and how his life brought fourth so much change. And Martin Luther who took that first step by nailing the 91 thesis up on a church door. He was demanding change. May this year bring about the change that you are seeking with God as your guide. This year I change my title from Secretary to Council President. My eldest son Blessing  graduates from high school. My youngest son Bowie from 5th grade. Brooklyn my daughter is taking AP classes in a larger school than before. My husband David finally changing his focus from working full time (he got his first job at 15) to caring for our children and his health. Many changes are coming because change is growth. It is time to grow. It’s time to shake off this cocoon and fly. Happy New Year! 

Your Humble Servant in the Lord,
Jade Clark Church Council President